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Frequently Asked Questions & Resources

You’ve got questions, we’ve got answers…
Do the apartments have private bathrooms?

Each apartment has a private bathroom with hand rails where needed and walk in showers. The bathrooms have pull cords in case of an emergency.   There is plenty of storage space with drawers and cabinets.

Does Moraine Ridge Senior Living offer Respite Care?

We do offer respite care.  We have a fully furnished, 2 bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms, near the Therapy Department.  This includes all meals, pendant, and there is a minimum of a 7 day stay.

Do we accept other types of funding besides private pay?

We can work with people that are in the Family Care program, Veterans Administration benefits, and long term care insurance.

What utilities are included in the monthly cost?

We take care of the water, sewer, and cable TV bills for you.  Each apartment has its own hot water heater, furnace, and central air with individual thermostats.

What happen if my parent(s) medical condition changes and requires additional care?

If there is a change in medical status, Moraine Ridge Senior Living can provide customized care packages based on those changing needs while the resident stays in the comfort of their own apartment.  The services are brought to them.  We can provide a lot of help or just a little.  For example, we can provide help with showering and dressing which is all the assistance that is required, or we can provide a more comprehensive care package depending on individual needs.

What happens now that we have chosen Moraine Ridge Senior Living?

1. A reservation form and application will need to be completed and include a $500.00 refundable application fee.

2. An authorization to release records form is necessary and a pre-assessment will be completed.

3. After this step and approval by our Registered Nurse, a face to face assessment will be done.  A care plan is  developed and a monthly rate is compiled.

4.  Documentation of a TB skin test or chest X-ray taken 90 days prior to admission is necessary.

5. Signed physician’s orders including medication, over the counter medications, treatments, diet, activity, therapy    evaluation order if applicable, and an order to administer/supervise the resident’s medication is required.

6. Physician’s will need to send medication orders to the pharmacy we utilize prior to admission, as all medication is required to be bubble packed to ensure compliance with state mandated rules.

7. Copies of Power of Attorney, Advanced Directives and Insurance Cards are required as well as Moraine Ridge, LLC paperwork completed 3 days prior to admission.

Are pets allowed?

We do not allow pets.  We do understand the joy that pets can bring so they can visit as long as they have their current vaccinations, are clean and healthy, well-mannered and on a leash.

May I keep medications in my room?

Federal Law mandates that medications including those that are bought over the counter such as ointments, vitamins, and pain relievers must be ordered by a physician.  If you would like to keep over the counter medications in your room, we would have to have a physician’s order to do so.