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Life Enrichment at Moraine Ridge

art Aesthetic & Creative Expression

Art and musical programs are developed to provide intuitive and spontaneous creative self-expression.  We provide the opportunity to dream, create and share talent.

 imagesU31A8FR1 Social & Civic Involvement

Residents are active participants in the community.  They engage in actions of personal and public concern.  These activities are both individually life enriching and socially beneficial to our community.  At Moraine Ridge Senior Living there are frequent opportunities to attend cultural events such as programs at the Weidner Center, Meyer Theater, and Farmer’s Markets.   There are many events and parties as well as Friday’s Happy Hour.

    worldtree   Inspiration & Spirituality

“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience.  We are spiritual beings having a human experience.” —Pierre Teilhard DeChardin

At the heart of the Life Enrichment experience at Moraine Ridge Senior Living we seek to discover what fills us with joy and brings us peace.  We encourage all faiths by offering services, rituals, traditions, and studies.  Many aspects of inspiration and spirituality are explored such as meditation, aromatherapy, and relaxed breathing techniques.

images81HIBBMC   Lifelong Learning & Teaching

Inherent in each resident of Moraine Ridge Senior Living is a resonant history of life experiences.  Sharing these experiences unleashes the potential in all of us.

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.” –Socrates


  imagesNWBO5RIEHealth & Fitness

We offer energetic exercise as well as therapeutic, graceful programs.  Wellness groups are led by Rehab Arisces, our in-house therapy department, with tips to improve balance and prevent falls.  The outside grounds at Moraine Ridge Senior Living offer a beautiful setting for a relaxing walk.   No one type of activity can provide strengthening, aerobic activity and endurance, and balance.  We understand the importance of meeting all of those needs and provide a flexible health and fitness program with that also includes fun, yet healthy, physical games and gardening.

    imagesQU0QK34Y Cognitive Engagement

We are prepared to stretch and strengthen your mind here at Moraine Ridge Senior Living.  With programs such as Maintain the Brain and Illuminate the challenge is rewarding.  Intellectual and spontaneous activities inspire the mind, body, and spirit, promoting opportunities for new success each day.

    imagesRDFVQRA2Personal Achievement

Residents of Moraine Ridge Senior Living are encouraged to stay involved, set new goals, and realize new heights.  This is the ideal environment to find an enriching cornucopia of personal opportunity and to create and keep the lifestyle you desire.